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Ebony color vs black

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As adjectives the difference between black and ebony is that black is (of an object) absorbing all light and reflecting none dark and colourless while ebony is made of ebony wood. As nouns the difference between black and ebony is that black is the colourcolor perceived in the absence of light while ebony is a hard, heavy, deep black wood from various subtropical and tropical trees.   ebony is a very deep black derived from various tropical trees of the genus diospyros. The wood comes from tropical and subtropical trees in southern india and sri lanka. The word ebony itself is commonly used as a synonym for the color black.   the main difference between black and ebony is that the black is a darkest color, resulting from the absence or complete absorption of light. Like white and grey, it is an achromatic color, literally a color without hue and ebony is a wood. While black is the generic name for a colour, or a particular segment of the colour spectrum, ebony refers to a specific colour. In the musical instrument industry, the long-established aesthetic standard for ebony fingerboards has been a uniformly jet-black color. Raven, supposedly reflective of the bird itself, so there is a slight yellow tinge in the sunlight. This time i was thinking of getting some black ones to match the beige and black interior color scheme going on. If i remember right cadillac calls the interior black color ebony.   the rp-280fa speakers seem to be on a nice discount right now. The other speakers like the rp450c and rp-160m all seem to either come in ebony or cherry. My question is if i go with the black fronts does it match pretty close to the ebony? Hard to tell pallet on pictures. Assigned color code gb8 and touch-up paint code wa-384a, ebony twilight metallic is one of two black hues available for the 2019 gmc sierra hd, with the other one being onyx black.

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