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The ebony blade is a daedric artifact found during the quest the whispering door. Essentially, it is a two-handed katana (with the speed, length, and reach of a standard, one-handed sword) with designs similar to normal ebony weapons. Upon obtaining the artifact, mephala bids you to unlock the blades true potential by murdering your close.   the ebony blade is a long, two-handed katana weapon that can be obtained during the whispering door quest after reaching level 20 in skyrim. After completing the dragon rising quest, you can find the ebony blade in the lower level of dragonsreach in whiterun hold.   obtained through the whispering door quest, the ebony blade has a life-leach property that starts at a base of 10 and can be leveled up by killing friends. The daedric artifact ebony blade is a katana (one-handed blade) that can be obtained by doing mephalas daedric quest.   skyrim remastered daedric artifacts ebony blade location (oblivion walker achievement guide the whispering door quest). How to power up the enchantment fast! ---related guides--- - two handed. Then there was talk to the jarl of whiterun then to his son and youll get it. Well just about everything that was said to do i done and nothing. The enemys are now getting to the point that my ebony cant kill them so easily at it lowests formlevel.   the ebony blade is a daedric artifact found by the player during the quest the whispering door. I made this replacer as i did not like the 2handed katana, it does not suit the picture of this daedric weapon in my opinion. Comment by mumpley other classes can grind rep with the ebon blade. Complete the questline to unlock the shadow vault outpost in icecrown glacier (for those who do not know,the quest is recieved from thassarian on the skybreaker and the horde version is given by koltira deathweaver atop orgrims hammer).

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